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Fact of Life No. 1- You cant please everyone- My 4 Tiers of Niceness (Facebook post from Dec 2009)

<archive post from Dec 2009>

Dear all,

im getting very tired and drained from trying to be everything to everyone and fulfilling mutiple obligations. So, in order to serve the people that matter, most, better, i am introducing my tiering system of Niceness

Tier 1- My thumbs up- Active Support
You are important to me, and I will go out of my way to ensure your needs are met

Tier 2- My waving hand- Acknowledgment
I am polite and courteous to you. Given my focused resources, i will do my utmost to be fair and equitable in my dealings with you because we have mutual respect

Tier 3- My middle finger- Denial
Your problem is not my problem. So screw you. I will ignore you but rest assured i will not be committing any resources to exacting vengeange on your person. I will lose no sleep over you.

Tier 4- My fist- Active Opposition
What you do is an afront to my being, and directly threatens the successful execution of my plans. You are a drain on my resources and i will go out of my way to cut you off and/or ensure your swift and painful demise.



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I started ranting in Facebook notes, now il just rant here instead. Seems...neater


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