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The first 3 letters of Diet is D.I.E

Bestial binges Thanks to a prescription of Dexamethasone for my persistent cough, i developed what can best be described as a holy-shit-what-the-f%^k appetite. I got cravings so bad it kept me up til 3 in the morning watching cook shows on TV. No surprises, a big gut and facial rounding swiftly followed. To be fair, … Continue reading

How to do a 5 min workout AKA Lionel’s Bullshit Workout

Went to the Parkway True Fitness gym and am convinced about 2 things 1) Parkway True Fitness has shit equipment 2) The Universal Leg Press at the gym involves my bodyweight in the resistance. Now, allow me to explain 1) Parkway True Fitness has shit equipment In my office gym, i use the Nautilus Nitro … Continue reading

The Minimalist 6 min Workout- now renamed Lionel’s Bullshit (LBS) Workout

The Minimalist Workout Experiment (aka Lazyman workout, and now renamed Lionel’s Bullshit 6 min workout) is intended to ask one question: ” how little exercise and discipline can i get away with” What’s really important You see, we all have our priorities. We work 10 hour days and then look forward to checking emails on … Continue reading

Lazyman workout 5- how to work out in your office clothes

Got my calendar wrong, thought i was leaving from The Agency so didnt bother bringing gym clothes for my 6-10 minute Lazyman workout. The prospect of forking out 40 bucks for some gym clothes at the overpriced Tanglin Mall Royal Sporting House did not exactly cheer my soul. Then the usual late meeting+need to rush … Continue reading

6 minute workout- now this is getting ridiculous

The Minimalist Workout Experiment set out to answer one question: how little exercise can i get away with? Today i did my fourth workout of the Experiment which i started on 2nd January 2011- just 13 days ago. Here are this week’s results. Minimalist Workout 4 The last workout, i realized i was taking too … Continue reading

How i emptied my Inbox- and keep it empty

Work email is like Peter North– it just keeps coming. Whether its with Lotus Notes or MS Outlook, email has ceased to be a productivity tool and is now a great source of frustration as millions of executives world wide grapple with a torrent of never ending cc’s and FYIs. The Volume will kill you, … Continue reading

Why i dont read the local news (well, at least 90% of it)

1) im lazy and cant be bothered 2) NPPA NPPA stands for the Newspaper and Printing Presses Act, which, amongst other things, grants the government legal right to dictate that a newspaper be shut down or be printed in a specific language. I can’t help but feel the local news passes thru more filters/barriers than … Continue reading

Minimalist Workout 3- Same workout, Heavier Weight, EVEN LESS TIME

And so i had survived the Monday back at work. Having gone through my 2 major meetings of the day and gotten one more presentation out of the way, i was looking forward to doing a quick Minimalist Workout before heading home for a chicken rice dinner with my family (plus my little nephew was … Continue reading

Minimalist Workout Two- 12 min, no shoes, NO WARMUP

This year is all about crap cutting- getting rid of all the useless, wasted or unnecessary bits of life be it low value tasks or negative emotions. Likewise with the Minimalist Workout experiment, the idea is to focus on the most important movements, and cut out all the rest. Recently came across an interesting idea … Continue reading

The Minimalist Workout Experiment- Workout One

Yup, the verdict is in. I am certifiably fat. Decided to start the new year right, with gym, and try out the minimalist approach to working out (click here for background). Anyway whilst waiting for my fat calipers to arrive in the mail, and measuring my before dimensions, made a snap decision to visit the … Continue reading