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The Minimalist Workout Experiment- Workout One

Yup, the verdict is in. I am certifiably fat.

Decided to start the new year right, with gym, and try out the minimalist approach to working out (click here for background).

Anyway whilst waiting for my fat calipers to arrive in the mail, and measuring my before dimensions, made a snap decision to visit the gym and lo, there was a body composition measurement thingamajig that will measure how much of your body is muscle and how much is just plain lard. Cue fitness trainer and his helping hand. 5 min later, the report is in

Body weight- 81.2kg
BMI 26.2
Fat %- 27.2%

Strange gym instructor

“eat less pork” *points to my face* “pork very bad for you”
“my father is from Beijing, my mom is from France, if you see my sister you know she’s Asian”

Ok. good to know. thanks, weird guy.

Back to topic (not hyperlink, so dont bother clicking)
Anyway, decided to do a super minimalist workout and recorded everything down. The idea is to super efficient in working out so i dont have to spend all the day in the gym, and perhaps even have a life. Anyhow, this is the breakdown of what i did

Seated Leg Press
33 lbs x 12 (warmup)
33 lbs x 12 (warmup)
77 lbs x 22 (to failure)

Seated row
50 lbs x 12 (warmup)
65 lbs x 10 (warmup)
80 lbs X 15 (to failure)

Seated chest press
50 lbs x 6 (warmup- was too heavy)
30 lbs X 12 (warmup)
65 lbs X 6 (plus 1 more after one helluva struggle, til failure)

And that was it. 3 exercises. One for legs, ass and hips. One for back. One for chest and shoulders.

Total time in gym: 58 min
Actual time spent working out: 36 min (incl. 1 min rest between exercises and watching Rogue Assassin on TV)

– each movement is very deliberate, 5 seconds up, hold, 5 seconds down. No jerking, no momentum
– do until failure means doing until my last proper rep without assistance. If that rep was crap (jerking, momentum, whatever) it doesnt count
– incidentally, the machines i used were by Nautilus, owned by Arthur Jones, a misanthropic oddball millionaire who said the whole bodybuilding world was bullshit and that brief, intense workouts (i.e minimalist ones) were all that were needed.
– these same machines are available at my office gym, so there’ll be consistency when i work out at the office as well.


Yes, this post sounds very himbo. I will have you know that i spent the better part of today finishing Switch by Chip and Dan Heath IN ONE DAY and will put up a review, complete summary and how-to-apply guide soon.


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