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Minimalist Workout Two- 12 min, no shoes, NO WARMUP

This year is all about crap cutting- getting rid of all the useless, wasted or unnecessary bits of life be it low value tasks or negative emotions.

Likewise with the Minimalist Workout experiment, the idea is to focus on the most important movements, and cut out all the rest.

Recently came across an interesting idea while researching Minimalist- High efficiency workouts..


Dangerous idea, but hell, if i saves me time why the hell not?


Turns out research has shown that stretching before a workout actually weakens you and diminishes performance during the workout.

It seems now that doing a few warmup sets before diving into your maximum effort on the weights is unnecessary as well. The idea being proposed here is that the first few reps in a working set is already the warm up, provided the reps are done in a controlled and deliberate fashion.


No better time to bullshit-test this theory than when i actually have super little time to pull it off.

And so, with no shoes (i was wearing flip flops and just didnt give a shit), and minutes on the clock, i proceeded to the office gym, and dived straight into the Minimalist Workout Routine without any warmup. Anyway here are the numbers:

Time entered gym: 1945
Bodyweight: 81.5kg

Leg Press
160lb X 15
(from 77lbs X 22)

Seated Row
95lb X 6
(from 80lbs X 15)

Seated chest press
80lb X 4
(from 65lbs X 6)

– No warm up, and no rest in between stations, all exercises done to to failure (meaning i cannot continue another rep unassisted)

Total time in gym: 12 minutes
This is exactly one-third the time it took for me to complete the same workout with lighter weights just 4 days ago.

With such low time commitment, it remains to be seen how too little can really be too much.

Yes, i am only doing one set of just 3 exercises. But these 3 are the crucial ones that mimic what humans are built for i) standing up ii) pulling things to you iii) pushing things away.

Plus, every exercise is done extremely slow, and to absolute failure.

On Drugs
Im currently finishing my does of Dexamethasone- steroids that were prescribed for my chronic cough. They made me fat, flatulent but otherwise very jolly.

In the coming 3 weeks im switching to Theophylline anhydrous, which from what i understand will cause nausea, vomitting and anxiety. Plus il be using an inhaler. Will be interesting to see how all this fits in with the upcoming weeks as i tweak the Minimalist Workout Experiment


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