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Minimalist Workout 3- Same workout, Heavier Weight, EVEN LESS TIME

And so i had survived the Monday back at work. Having gone through my 2 major meetings of the day and gotten one more presentation out of the way, i was looking forward to doing a quick Minimalist Workout before heading home for a chicken rice dinner with my family (plus my little nephew was coming over to play, so i really wanted to leave the office on time)

“Come let’s chat about <undisclosed project>”
Got pulled into a meeting right on the 630 dot. The team huddled around my table as we tore thru a bag of Spicy Nachos while discussing the next phase of <undisclosed project>. (thinking back, it is kinda cool that this is how we work).

Late once again
1.5hr discussion + 5 min scribble on an A4 paper + in principle alignment with proposed approach later, it was already 750pm.
This being the year of positive thinking, rather than griping about having to stay back, decided that this was a perfect opportunity once again to bullshit-test the Minimalist Workout under real time pressure.

Turns out, this was gonna be a pretty damn good workout

The numbers for this week:
Time entered gym: 2000hr
Weight: 81.8kg

Leg Press
180lb X 15 (from 160lb X 15)

Seated Row
100lb X 7 (from 95lb X 6)

Seated Chest Press
85lb X 5 (from 80lb X 4)

Total time in gym: 11 minutes (no shit)

Sooo, not only was i able to lift a heavier load, and for more reps, i did it this week in even less time than before.

PLUS, turns out instead of performing each rep for 10 seconds like i had believed, i was actually performing each rep for 20 seconds. Which means, the workout is still longer than it should be and could be shortened even further!

After the 11 minutes, i quickly got changed and was out of the building in 5. Decided to just catch a cab and got home thru the rain just in time for a hot meal, cozy home and my baby nephew greeting me at the door.

It has been another great start to the week.


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