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Why i dont read the local news (well, at least 90% of it)

1) im lazy and cant be bothered

NPPA stands for the Newspaper and Printing Presses Act, which, amongst other things, grants the government legal right to dictate that a newspaper be shut down or be printed in a specific language.

I can’t help but feel the local news passes thru more filters/barriers than necessary.

3) A lot of the news is irrelevant and poorly written crap
Newpaper- soccer news with some local happenings thrown in
– the Newpaper is sensationalist, insensitive and has so often showcased dismal writing (the only exception being KF Seetoh’s column, where he is able to describe rojak in a manner that almost qualifies the local dish for a place in the Larousse Gastronomique )

– much of what the Newpaper reports is of no interest (soccer news) and relevance (celebrity gossip) to me. Likewise, reports on the latest raids in Geylang or teenage punks getting arrested are a total waste of time and offer no usefulness to living a better life.

STOMP is the worst
– by far the worst form of Singapore journalism manifests itself in the form of STOMP- it is crass, promotes voyeurism, extends the Panopticon, and feeds it’s increasingly bloated form with the musings and judgments of sermonizing moral crusaders who believe that it is in the public interest to surreptitiously photograph geriatrics trimming their nails on the MRT train and that couples should be chastised for showing affection in public.

4) If news is important or pertinent enough, i’ll hear about it anyway
So far this hasnt happened. There hasnt been any news that iv heard from others that would make a significant dent in my consciousness, or a difference in the decisions i make.

5) The Forum section is used to settle customer service issues
The Forums are less about political discourse and more about bitchy Singaporean’s and their gripes. Whilst the forum has great potential to be a true tool in Democracy, a barometer of public sentiment and a platform for discussing issues pertinent to the future of the country, it has sadly been reduced to a bargaining tool when arguing with Customer Sales reps

Douchebag Singaporean: i want you to <adjective> my <malfunctioning product>

Customer Service Rep: im sorry Sir but your warranty has expired

Douchebag Singaporean: i dont care. You better fix it or I WILL WRITE TO FORUM

and of course, in the forums you’ll find many well meaning taxpayers who like to offer their less than well-thought out suggestions or appeal for the government’s intervention with the all too familiar yet ultimately vaguely directed request “the relevant authorities should look into this”

6) I ignore the 90% of fluff so i can focus on the 10% of news that really matters
This short list of the 10% of local news that IS useful/relevant and worth my time is:

i) Sunday edition of the Straits Times
This usually carries very useful Finance related information and how-to’s. Even then, much of the paper is irrelevant.

ii) DigitalLife
It is relevant to my work, and the reporting is fairly decent. It covers a fair amount of trends and reviews without going into all the geeky jargon.

That’s it. Which means my total newspaper reading time for the week is 1 hour, split between Wed (when DigitalLife comes out) and Sunday afternoon.

7) I supplement my local news with very focused and relevant information sources
Gizmodo and Mashable- these 2 sites bring me the news and happenings that are most important to my work and would truly make a difference in my day. They are relevant, well researched and actually pretty damn useful.

I dont stay updated on these sites enough.

2011 is all about crap cutting. My brain has limited space, i have limited attention. I need to start directing more attention at the 10% useful news and stop reading trash news like Newpaper. After all, Jack Neo shagging Wendy Zhong isnt exactly useful information.  Sure as hell isnt something i can use to start a conversation at a networking event or a meeting with potential stakeholders



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