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6 minute workout

6 minute workout- now this is getting ridiculous

The Minimalist Workout Experiment set out to answer one question: how little exercise can i get away with?

Today i did my fourth workout of the Experiment which i started on 2nd January 2011- just 13 days ago. Here are this week’s results.

Minimalist Workout 4
The last workout, i realized i was taking too long with each rep. I was spending 20 seconds on each rep rather than 10 seconds as per recommendations by the late Mike Mentzer. So my workout could theoretically be even faster.

For the latest workout, i decided to stick to 10 seconds instead, with the exact same exercises as every workout (you will notice that i am a very lazy man, and all the exercises i chose are seated)

Check out the numbers for this week
Time entered gym: 1818hr
Weight: 82.2 kg
Time started workout 1833hr

Seated Leg Press
209lb X 6+2 (i took a short breather in between reps 6 and 7)
Previously: 180lb X 15

Seated row
110lb X 11
Previously: 100lb X 7

Seated chest press (after waiting 2 minutes for the person using it to finish)
95lb X 11
Previously: 85lb X 5

Total workout time (minus the 2 min waiting time): 6 minutes

Get in and out of the gym fast
I left the gym by 1845

Which means that even with the 10 minute phone call, going thru the locker room and weighing myself, checking my progress charts and waiting for the exercise machine to be available, i spent only 27 minutes in the gym.

So, what have  i achieved in 13 days from working out so little?
Am i slimmer?
The naked, tubby, moon-faced lard ass from behind the mirror says no.

Did i lose weight?
If anything, i seem to be gaining it.

Am i getting stronger?
Hell-freakin-yeah ! And all of this taking place with exponentially less time each workout. Check out the chart

On the Leg Press, i went from 77 to 209 pounds in just 4 total sets spread across 2 weeks. 4 sets of Leg Press is what some people do in a single workout (so im really really lazy).

Admittedly 77lbs on Leg Press was a little light to begin with, but do bear in mind that i havent lifted a single weight for the past 2 months prior to that.

Fact remains: with a total workout time of slightly more than an hour (66 minutes), iv increased my weight on the Leg Press 2.7 times, in less than 2 weeks.

Even for the Chest Press which is my weakest exercise, in the same amount of time iv increased the amount of weight i can lift by 30 pounds.

With a combined workout time of just 1 hour, i am lifting 1.4 times the weight i lifted when i started just 13 days ago.

But the sweetest thing about this very lazy, less-is-more approach to working out is that it requires so little time from anyone. Check out the chart below:

It has only been 2 weeks, i’ve still got another 2 weeks to go. And then perhaps i’ll introduce the diet and nutrition variable.

Currently i’m still binging like crazy. In fact, i’ve gotta stop blogging so i can make a reservation at my favourite steamboat restaurant- Tianfu Steamboat (otherwise known as Paradise on Earth) for some late night snacking

Oh and FYI, i just had a sumptuous dinner of chicken breast wrapped in 2 pieces of breakfast ham, 3 chunks of salmon, half a carton of salad, a coconut, a scoop of Crunch ice-cream and 2 cups of Chinese tea.


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