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6 minute workout

Lazyman workout 5- how to work out in your office clothes

Got my calendar wrong, thought i was leaving from The Agency so didnt bother bringing gym clothes for my 6-10 minute Lazyman workout.

The prospect of forking out 40 bucks for some gym clothes at the overpriced Tanglin Mall Royal Sporting House did not exactly cheer my soul.

Then the usual late meeting+need to rush home for family dinner happened

Did’nt bother changing out of office clothes
So guess what? I freaking worked out in my office clothes- long sleeved shirt, slacks and all.  People must have thought i was crazy, rushing in and out of the gym and doing leg presses in my Uniqlo slacks and Pedros.

Did the workout work out?
Here are the latest numbers

Weight: 83kg (increase from previous 82.2)

Leg Press
260lb X 13
(UP from 209lb X 8 )
I suspect the Leg Press at my office gym is easier than the one at the Parkway True Fitness

Seated Row
125lb X 7
(UP from 110 X 11)

Seated Chest Press
110lb X 7
(UP from 95lb X 11)

Total workout time: 9 minutes

And all of this after 5 hours of sleep the night before.

Took slightly longer than 3 days ago, and this was only due to having to adjust my office clothes (the crotch area of my slacks got really tight on the Leg Press so had to make adjustments). But the increase in poundage on the Leg Press surprised me. That was an increase of 41lbs and 5 reps over 4 days so had to change the weights several times.

Which leads me to suspect that the Leg Press Machine in my office gym may actually be easier to work with. Sooo, i really look forward to this Sunday where i will visit the other gym and see my strength increases are consistent.

Anyway updated the chart- Leg Press still seems to have the fastest progress. So i shall aim to lift the entire weight stack on the machine by the end of January (my first achievement for this year), iv got 3 workouts and 2 more weeks to go.

Resting heart rate
On a whim, i tested my resting heart rate in the morning upon waking and found that it is between 61-67 the past few mornings. Im happy coz the healthy human being has a RHR of 60-100 (so im on the low end, basically the smaller the number the better, because it means your heart is efficient and needs less beats to get the job done) and because i have done ZERO CARDIO for the past 3 months.

Now i have a reason to get up in the morning coz i get to test my Resting Heart Rate which sounds silly but hey, you gotta use whatever you have available to motivate yourself.
Aiming to hit an RHR of 50 (which is where ‘athletes’ are).

My peers have openly cried a collective ‘bullshit’, when i told them my workout takes 6 minutes. No one will believe that anything fruitful can get done in those 6 minutes. Well i tell you, after today’s workout, i felt like puking and my legs were weak, ALL THE WAY HOME.


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