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6 minute workout

The Minimalist 6 min Workout- now renamed Lionel’s Bullshit (LBS) Workout

The Minimalist Workout Experiment (aka Lazyman workout, and now renamed Lionel’s Bullshit 6 min workout) is intended to ask one question:

” how little exercise and discipline can i get away with”

What’s really important
You see, we all have our priorities. We work 10 hour days and then look forward to checking emails on weekends, or reading up on work related stuff just to keep pace. Then we need to put aside time for our families and loved ones, mopping floors and cleaning windows. No one really has the time to workout an hour everyday, and at the end of it all, a six pack doesnt really matter if you dont have time to just hang out with the people you love.

In the years ahead, im gonna be someone’s Dad/Husband, which means even more time commitments. And whilst i still maintain grandiose visions of outsourcing everything in my life and working from home, realistically, il probably be in middle management (if i get that far) which means il have added responsibilities at work.

ERGO, if i spend just 60 minutes each MONTH on ‘keeping fit’, i can spend the other 44,640 minutes on
– getting better at my job
– spending more time with family and loved ones
– catching up with old friends
– resting
– reading books
– or just chilling out

without having to feel guilty about not exercising and still keeping fit

Is this the best way to workout?
No. It wont work if you’re trying to look like Brad Pitt or Gerard Butler circa 300.

But with this method, i :

– have never missed a workout
– have never been ‘too busy’ or had too little time to visit the gym
– get to de-stress at least twice a week
– have something to work towards and look forward to each week
– feel a sense of accomplishment after each workout
– keep seeing progress each week (except through a mirror)

so for me, it is the best way to workout. At least for now. Next month, il tweak this programme a bit, maybe clean up my eating habits a bit. And then we’ll see.


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