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The first 3 letters of Diet is D.I.E

Bestial binges
Thanks to a prescription of Dexamethasone for my persistent cough, i developed what can best be described as a holy-shit-what-the-f%^k appetite. I got cravings so bad it kept me up til 3 in the morning watching cook shows on TV. No surprises, a big gut and facial rounding swiftly followed. To be fair, it was the Christmas season and i was on vacation. Nevertheless, i got to my fattest ever.

A Bullshit 6 min workout that nobody believes
1 day after we ushered in 2011, i found myself in the gym again after a 3 month hiatus. And since i needed to kick start my fitness again, i figured the fastest way to do that was with as little effort as possible. And so for my workout i decided to stick to 3 core exercises that would get the job done.

After tweaking this 3 exercise workout, i eventually took just 6 minutes to complete the workout (detailed elsewhere in this blog and disbelieved by people everywhere else).
I did zero cardio, and was not on a diet. Throughout the entire of January in which i was doing the 6 minute workout, i continue to tear thru bags of Doritos and weekly Steamboat buffet sessions.

Winner’s aim for the best. Survivors get by doing the least possible effort
For me, it’s no longer about trying to get that elusive 6 pack, or performing at a superhuman level of fitness, or benching 500 pounds (none of these goals have ever been achieved, and come to think of it, none of this would really matter actually).

It’s now about finding a programme that a normal, working man, with a family and real world schedules, could do. More importantly, it was about finding a programme that a normal everyman could continue to do.

If you cant enjoy a Friday night beer or a pizza after 8 at night, and if you spend all your time in the gym, then life really isnt worth living.

A 6 minute workout isnt about wishful thinking and fantasies- it’s about being real.

Why im not going to diet
Because it is not sustainable. Simple as that.

I’ve been on diets before, combined with a hardcore twice-daily workout plan. I got to my buffest ever. But you can only avoid carbs for that long. After a while, you’ll get a taste of it, and once you awaken the beast, it’s gonna be bloody tough to lock it back in its cage.

Avoid white carbs and lose pounds a week
Recently,  i started reading about Tim Ferriss’ Slow Card diet, which guarantees loss of pounds each week. The catch? No white carbs including rice, noodles and potatoes.

Read that again: NO RICE and NOODLES

Im Chinese, i eat rice and noodles. It’s in 90% of Chinese meals, it has been the case for what i estimate the past 2000 years of Chinese culture. Tonnes of people (for example, in CHINA) have been eating rice everyday for a long time, none of them have a problem with weight gain.

No rice? So how?
So what does Tim Ferris recommend in place of rice? Beans- black, pinto whatever.

Freakin beans.

Last i checked, this was a side dish, not the staple. This diet is not sustainable at all. If you’re telling me, as an Asian, that i can only eat rice on Saturday, then this diet is not something im going to be able to apply for a very long time.

Greater complexity= More room for screwing up
There are many different diets out there, all backed up by very credible science. Many have benefitted from these diets, be they Atkins, Zone, Fit for Life etc.

Problem for me is that they all rely on a multitude of factors- glycemic index, complex carbs, nutrient timing blah blah blah.

I’ve got enough problems getting through the day as it, i dont need the one activity i really enjoy (eating) to be overly complicated. I dont wanna have to make decisions with every meal or visit to the supermarket.

Chainsaws breakdown, because they have too many moving parts. You hardly need to oil a knife. Ok, this may be a lousy analogy- my point being, if something is too complex, there are more opportunities for things going awry. Keep the plan simple and one is more likely to follow it.

Time to clean up
Are there ways to clean up my eating habits (Doritos, Buffets)? Yes.
And so im putting together a diet plan.

So, what is the diet plan?
There is no diet plan. Just keep it simple.

1) More protein
2) More water
3) Eat like a beast on weekends only
4) On weekdays avoid
– sugary snacks, drinks, soda etc
5) 2 servings of fruits and veges a day
6) Cut down on carbs without eliminating it all together

And that’s it. Nothing complicated. Something that any normal human being can achieve.

What to do if:
I got a craving
Write it down, and go to town with it on the weekend.

I need a sugar fix
Have a fruit, its made up of fructose. Im no expert, but im fairly certain that’s a sugar.

I’ve got to attend an event where it would be rude not to binge.
If you’re counting calories obsessively you wont have this problem because no one is going to invite you over for dinner.

Go ahead and binge, life is about balance.


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