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Feb Workout Experiment Part 1- ‘Before’ measurements

Got up this morning and after clearing my ‘system’ (i.e bladder and bowels, without any food or water in my system, proceeded to take my body measurements.

Tools used
1. Accu-measure Body Fat Calipers
I use these for skinfold measurements (i.e pinch the lard around your body and use the thickness for measuring body fat) Available for about SGD12 from Amazon.

2. Myo-tape
I use these for measuring the circumference of my various appendages (arms, legs, neck). Bundled together with the Accu-measure calipers.

3. Methodology
I used 2 methods
i) measurement of suprailliac (1 inch above hip bone) as prescribed by the instructions that came with the calipers
ii) 3 skinfold sites and Siri’s formula

4. Online body composition calculator

There are complex formulae and equations such as the Jackson-Pollock and Siri formulae. Rather than crunching thru:

Bone Density =

1.1093800 – (0.0008267 * SUM3) + (0.0000016 * SUM3²) –
(0.0002574 * Age)

Body Fat Percentage =

[(4.95/Bone Density) – 4.5] 100

Just use a damn online calculator that does it for you. Click here for the link.

So, after pinching myself throughout your body wearing nothing but underwear on a Saturday morning, what have i found out and was it worth it?

Here are the numbers:

‘Before’ measurements (as of February 5, 11am)

Body fat percentage
i) Suprailiac – 14.6%
ii) 3 skinfold site- 14.3%

Lean body Mass
(total weight at 180lbs)
–> 154.19 lbs

‘Girth and thickness’

Measurement in inches
Neck 15.3
Shoulders 45.9
Chest 38.6
Waist 35.5
Left Right
Thigh 25.7 25.5
Upper arm 14 14.4
Calves 15 15.1

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