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Feb Workout Experiment (Part 2)- Cat vomit and 6 minute abs

Recently i purchased The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss that claims methods that will accomplish everything from 15 minute female orgasms to abs in 6 minutes (twice a week, 3 weeks).

And since im trying out a new once-a-week workout routine inspired by Dr Doug McGuff’s Body By Science *, i thought why not try out throw in the Ferriss 6 minute ab routine as well, just to bullshit test his claim.

* i say ‘inspired’ because im too cheap to buy the book, so i got the gist of his ideas from forums and Google

What is the 6 minute ab workout?
Good news, you dont have to buy the book to find out, i found it online FOR FREE.

Basically, you do just 10 reps each of 2 exercises (twice a week)
i) myotatic crunch
ii) ‘cat vomit’

Anyhow, i tried the two yesterday at the gym with the following results

i) strange looks from doing the ‘cat vomit’ exercise
ii) serious ab soreness from doing just 10 of the myotatic crunches.

this is huge. For years people have been doing hundreds of crunches, twisting and bending their torsos in myriad directions, aided by a variety of strange instruments peddled by C-list celebs on late night Sell-a-vision*.

*Check out the commercial for the classic Abdominizer here

With just 10 myotatic crunches, you get one helluva sore torso the morning after. Doing the exercise itself was tough- found myself struggling just to finish the first 5 (then again, the last time i did a crunch in ANY form was 3-4 months ago)

How long before any results?

Tim Ferriss claims that he managed to see abs after 3 weeks, assuming you’re on a diet that keeps your body fat at 12% (which im not)

Based on my most recent self testing, im currently at 14-15% body fat (Refer to previous post. This is my most conservative estimate based on taking skinfold measurements 3 times). And since im doing the 6 minute ab routine once a week only, i guess it’s gonna take me 1.5-2 months, if at all.


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