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Smart drugs- the lure of increased intelligence in a pill

I started the year on a high, literally. Dexamethasone, Theolin SR and Seretide had put me thru a whole sine curve of emotions and various states of mental acuity (or lack thereof).

Having witnessed (nay, experienced) the very real mental effects of drugs, and with the upcoming movie Limitless (links below), i became very much seduced and intrigued by the idea of drug enhanced mental performance. Thus far my research has pointed me to

– Brainquicken
– Modafinil (aka Provirgil)
– Neurostim
(below i’ve included links to these products or information about them)

Either of which promises to do everything from deliver mental clarity, concentration and breaking down mental blocks to helping you lose weight and boost strength/coordination/endurance in sports.

Imagine the possibilities.

Coffee is wearing off for me, it no longer gives me any drive and is pretty much a placebo for me at this stage. Having spent the last week working late and eating at my desk, the thought that a single pill could dramatically enhance my mental faculties, i.e make me smarter, and in turn reduce the time it takes for me to come up with well thought out, intelligent work, by half… is very tempting.

At this stage, the only reason i see for experimenting with Nootropics (i.e smart drugs), is to increase my effectiveness at work.

But then again, if i do have to endure side effects (brain damage anyone?), then maybe doing this just for my career ain’t worth it.

Where do i find the 3 wonderful magic pills you mentioned?

Modafinil (not available in Singapore without Doctor’s prescription for Narcolepsy)

Neurostim (marketed as a sports supplement)

The Limitless viral ad


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2 thoughts on “Smart drugs- the lure of increased intelligence in a pill

  1. do you know if brainquicken is available in singapore? if i have it shipped , will it be seized by the authorities before ever reaching me ?

    Posted by Mr wear_a_tie | August 28, 2011, 4:45 pm
    • Hey man, sorry for the delays. Have been offline for awhile.
      Brainquicken contains Vinpocetine, which according to Health Sciences Authority’s guidelines, is considered a controlled substance under the Poisons Act (http://bit.ly/sfRSCn) , so they will likely reject it at customs.

      However, it seems that Modafinil (read about it here http://bit.ly/fH4Zz5) which can be brought in from overseas if you do not exceed three months’ worth of dosage and it is for PERSONAL CONSUMPTION ONLY.

      DO DOUBLE CHECK WITH HSA (www.hsa.gov.sg), on the above.

      Not sure if you’ve seen this before, but there is a breakdown of the various ingredients that goes into Brainquicken (also marketed as Bodyquick), check it out here http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/bq/body.html

      The following ingredients are available in Singapore, either seperately, or as part of other products
      – L-Tyrosine
      – L-Glutamine
      -Alpha Lipoic Acid
      – Phosphatidylserine
      – Choline Bitratrate

      One item im interested in trying out is Huperzine A which according to some studies improved language learning, recall, vocabulary etc. From what i recall it’s not available here but it is not banned. Try http://www.iherb.com

      Hope this was helpful.

      Posted by lionelsnotes | October 25, 2011, 7:30 pm

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