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No such thing as an easy life- only a less ambitious one

“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men”

-Phillips Brooks, US Episcopal Bishop-

The past 2-4 weeks have been damn bloody intense. I spent every lunch at my desk, left the office at 9 and had dinner at 10, then continued to clear emails til 1 in the morning, finally rounding off the day at 130am.

Rise, rinse, repeat. But somehow im liking it.

Every year, i find that there is always one milestone that really pushes me, and it always makes me wanna quit and settle for less. But if i push thru it, at the end of all the shit, frustration, outright screaming fear and self doubt, im a better person for it, ready to take on the next big thing.

Somehow with the late nights, fear of tangible failure, and a million and one cock-ups and surprises, i get a strange high.

In several indigenous cultures, narcotics and psychotropics form major parts of their rituals. Take the practice of consuming Yaje for example- first comes violent vomitting and diarrhea where you wish you will die (or at least think you are), then after that comes mental clarity or a new stage in your mental/spiritual evolution.

It’s a lot like that for me and my relationship to stress.

It’s painful at first, then it gets real good…

Anyhow, here is something i learnt along the way (and credits):

– everything looks like a failure in the middle (thanks to Chip and Dan Heath)

-when we are close to ‘D’ Day, every small problem tends to magnify itself (thanks to my DND Programmes Director, Laura Liu)

– there’s always a surprise at the worst of times when you’re really close to the deadline (thanks to **A, **A and Apple)

And with all that has happened (and will continue to happen), i find myself revisiting the 3 of my 5 core beliefs that i sat down to write one fateful morning 7 years ago:

1) Everything happens for a reason and it can serve you
2) No matter what happens, there is always a way out
3) It only gets better from here

And these are what i will hold on to as my universal truths as i move along for many years to come.

Every year should get harder and more stressful than the one before. If that’s not happening, it means im not taking on bigger things and moving to the next level.



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