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Results from 3 workouts in an entire month (while still eating Carl’s Junior)

I stared at the numbers again, seems too good to be true. But if my calculations were correct, i had lost 2-5% body fat over a month with just 3 workouts.

How it started
Thru the month of Jan i worked out 6 min a time, twice a week. I got stronger on every workout and never got a single injury.

Everybody cried bullshit. And i mean everybody.

No one could believe that 6 min could achieve anything (o yeah? the difference between the a Gold and Silver at the Olympics is measured in f^^king seconds)

Anyhow, i measured and recorded all my workouts (weight lifted, reps, duration etc) but i never measured me.

So on Feb 5 morning i got up with my trusty fat calipers and measuring tape and got to work (refer to the previous post here) to determine my ‘before’ measurements as i embarked on February’s workout experiment (a 15 min routine).

‘After’ results
One month on, after only three workouts, here are the results:

– maintained my body weight at 180lbs
-gained half an inch on my left bicep (right one was bigger to begin with…)
-lost 1.4 inches off my waist
-lost 2-5% bodyfat
-gained about 8.7lbs of lean body mass

How did this happen with just 3 workouts?
Was it painful? Did each of my 3 workouts take two hours? Did i starve myself?


I followed the diet plan as laid out in a previous post (How to Eat like a Normal Man on Weekdays and a Beast on Weekends).

The workout itself was 15 min long from start to finish.

Oh, that must mean that the workout involved some form of high intensity cardio right?


I did zero cardio. I’ve not stepped on a freaking treadmill for the past 6 months. The workout was done purely with weights>

Right. So that means you used lightweights pumped furiously non-stop over 15min yeah?

Half right. I did pump weights furiously non-stop over 15 min but they were’nt considered light (at least to my weak office slave body).

What the hell then? None of this makes sense!

The workout was simple:
– 5 stations for the whole body (squats, seated row, chest press, pulldown and shoulder press)
– no warmup, no rest between stations
– ONE, and only ONE set at each station, done to failure (i.e cannot move the weight thru a complete repetition)
– using a weight that only allows me to just about complete 7 reps (this is so that it is easier to track strength progress each week)

Strength increases each workout
Here is the progress chart
On average, i was increasing my poundage by 10-20 pounds each week.

Percentage increase in strength after 3 workouts

Squats- 44%
Seated Row-27%
Chest Press-31.5%
Shoulder Press-40%

And this was after a working out a total of 45mins in an entire month.


Right now, the numbers are supporting the argument (and countless others before me) have been asserting: that with a minimalist approach to fitness, one can get stronger, and leaner and happier, while still having space in their lives to do more than just live/sleep in a gym or eat low fat (i.e low taste) food all day.

Feb was a real intense month at the office, with tonnes of stuff heating up. But i can still find time to go the gym (because it requires so little) and stuff myself with KFC, Carl’s Junior and Cadbury on the weekends.

A note about fat loss percentage

I used 2 methods i) single site measurements (at the suprailliac skin fold) and ii) 3 site measurement (chest, thigh, abdominal) and Siri’s formula (refer to previous post)

The first method returned a body fat of 12.7%. The second (supposedly more accurate method) yielded 9.5% body fat. Based on these measurements, i surmised that my fat loss was between 2-5%.

Hence the range rather than an absolute figure


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