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Dancing in the office- One fool’s increasingly futile effort

How many times have i stared into the abyss of an Excel spreadsheet hoping to find myself only to realize that the chances of that happening was about the same as me pooping out gold.

I know this is gonna sound like a whole lotta pansy-ass, fairy dust, pseudo-hippy wannabe esoteric bullshit..but im finding the Flow.

Im talking about those moments when you totally lose yourself and time excuses itself into the background of what is a full blown experience.

Im talking about the moments when you feel totally where you need to be, who you need to be- a moment of pure being.

Looking back, i have experienced these moments of flow before. When i used to dance, when i was up on stage during a play or giving a speech or just having fun with a bunch of friends sharing a joke.

At the risk of sounding like a self absorbed hipster spouting New Age bullshit- when i was in a dance, i wasnt dancing, i was a BEING a dancer. The Act and the Actor were both fused into one. There was no distinction between noun and verb, just purely IS.

And it had nothing to do with competence, because when i look back at videos of my performance….boy was i shitty. But lost in the moment, nothing felt like it could go wrong.

The stars were aligned and the heavenly spheres sang.

Im trying to get that flow back, and as hilarously outlandish and naive as it seems, perhaps find enough of it to apply to the office.

What the hell is ‘Flow’
All of this isnt just New Age bullshit i came up with. Flow has actually been studied and documented. If you want to get all technical but are too lazy to read reports, wiki it here

I did have genuine moments of flow at work, but these tend to come along only after protracted periods of frustration, stress and sleep loss, while working on projects with a tangible risk of highly public failure. I would prefer to find my Flow through less painful means. Im sure everyone does.


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