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Work less, do more?

Today, i decided to screw it and just head home to have dinner with my family. It was a strange feeling, leaving the office as the remnants of the day’s sunlight creeps below the horizon and the sky is still visibly blue. Hello evening sky, it has certainly been awhile. How many nights had i … Continue reading

Eat beef- cold shower-feel awesome?

In an effort to stave off my ever escalating levels of self loathing and brain fog, the last 2 weeks i embarked on another poorly thought out self experiment (though this is a misnomer. A proper experiment has control factors, measurability, defined indicators etc. Im really just winging it at this point) Here’s what i’ve … Continue reading

Lose weight, Get Rich, Be Awesome- Part 1 (sex, violence and black magic)

I stare at the neat column of plain white boxes that adorn my shelves, each neatly labeled with categories. ‘Philosophy’, ‘self development’, ‘business life’ etc, with ‘Spirituality’ appropriately at the highest, most difficult to reach shelf. Then i think about the contents of each box- promises. Each box containing promises of a better, more enriched, … Continue reading