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Eat beef- cold shower-feel awesome?

In an effort to stave off my ever escalating levels of self loathing and brain fog, the last 2 weeks i embarked on another poorly thought out self experiment (though this is a misnomer. A proper experiment has control factors, measurability, defined indicators etc. Im really just winging it at this point)

Here’s what i’ve been doing:

1) 1 serving Ginkgoplex in the morning
(that’s about 60mg of Ginkgo Biloba extract, 25mg Phosphatidylserine, 250mg Omega 3 concentrate and a bunch of vitamin Bs)

2) Cold showers every morning and every night (before bed)

3) A conscious effort to eat eggs and meat (particularly beef)

4) Spreading out my usual 2 cups of coffee + 1 cup of tea into 3-4 servings of lower concentrations

Why, oh why?
Ginkgo has been shown to increase blood flow to the brain leading to increased concentration and alertness. The Omega 3 and Phosphatidylserine are found in the brain naturally and are responsible for the various neurological functions such as mental acuity.

Spreading out caffeine
According to an article , there is greater benefit to spreading out lower doses of caffeine throughout the day rather than to take it all in at once (much like the whole theory around how it is better to eat 6 smaller meals rather than 3 big ass ones)

Beef and cold showers
The beef and cold showers are really about i) increasing levels of testosterone (leading to feelings of awesomeness, and competitive drive) ii) helping me sleep better.

It seems a large fatty (cue eggs for dinner) and protein rich meal before bed will prevent low blood sugar that makes you feel like shit in the morning

Also, body temperature actually drops when one sleeps, so the cold pre-bed shower actually accelerates that process

The cold shower in the morning is to wake me up and once again, has been shown to provide benefits (at least 21 according to cold-showers.com ) such as better circulation and yes, increased testosterone.

They’re brain food. Apart from the protein and good fats, eggs are also a source of choline which helps regulate the brain and nervous system.

So how has it been
The cold showers work.

I may snooze my alarm 3 times but right after i hit the showers, bam, im totally awake.
As a side note, iv been playing ACDC through my iPhone speakers for the morning cold shower, and my jazz playlist (think Stacey Kent) for my evening ones. One gets me pumped, the other chills me out.

The only problem is that my feet’s been aching more recently. Could be a multitude of factors (maybe the high meat diet?) instead of the cold showers, but so far the benefits seem to outweight the cost (i save time as well, with cold showers i dont have to wait for the water heater to do its work)

I have been feeling less brain fog this week, not sure if it’s necessarily the ginkgo/caffeine or just my workload this week, but things seem in better control and i actually know what is going on. Will continue to monitor.

Mood wise, i actually feel better this week than i did the past 2 weeks.
I won’t say im super pumped or anything, but i dont feel totally shitty. I actually look forward to the work day ahead and feel hopeful about what i can accomplish.

Meals this week

-2 scoops of whey protein with milk every morning (and a fruit if available)
-Beef chili, caesar salad with grilled prawns
-mini steamboat with beef and extra vegetables
-curried chick peas with 2 veg and 1 chicken dish
-steak with baked beans and 2 fried eggs
-tom yum noodles
-chunky beef goulash
-Laksa (im gonna look into nootropic and thermogenic properties of spicy food in a bit)
The Elvis (pork patty, peanut butter, bananas, wrapped in honey oat bun. Served with fries and a pint of beer)

Will continue the cold showers, ginkgo and caffeine spreads, but will probably ease up on the meat. High meat diets have been linked to cancer (although it seems high consumption of coffee prevents certain types of cancer, according to Lifehacker.com). We shall see.




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