I started ranting in Facebook notes, now il just rant here instead. Seems...neater
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Work less, do more?

Today, i decided to screw it and just head home to have dinner with my family. It was a strange feeling, leaving the office as the remnants of the day’s sunlight creeps below the horizon and the sky is still visibly blue. Hello evening sky, it has certainly been awhile. How many nights had i … Continue reading

Eat beef- cold shower-feel awesome?

In an effort to stave off my ever escalating levels of self loathing and brain fog, the last 2 weeks i embarked on another poorly thought out self experiment (though this is a misnomer. A proper experiment has control factors, measurability, defined indicators etc. Im really just winging it at this point) Here’s what i’ve … Continue reading

Lose weight, Get Rich, Be Awesome- Part 1 (sex, violence and black magic)

I stare at the neat column of plain white boxes that adorn my shelves, each neatly labeled with categories. ‘Philosophy’, ‘self development’, ‘business life’ etc, with ‘Spirituality’ appropriately at the highest, most difficult to reach shelf. Then i think about the contents of each box- promises. Each box containing promises of a better, more enriched, … Continue reading

Dancing in the office- One fool’s increasingly futile effort

How many times have i stared into the abyss of an Excel spreadsheet hoping to find myself only to realize that the chances of that happening was about the same as me pooping out gold. I know this is gonna sound like a whole lotta pansy-ass, fairy dust, pseudo-hippy wannabe esoteric bullshit..but im finding the … Continue reading

Results from 3 workouts in an entire month (while still eating Carl’s Junior)

I stared at the numbers again, seems too good to be true. But if my calculations were correct, i had lost 2-5% body fat over a month with just 3 workouts. How it started Thru the month of Jan i worked out 6 min a time, twice a week. I got stronger on every workout … Continue reading

No such thing as an easy life- only a less ambitious one

“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men” -Phillips Brooks, US Episcopal Bishop- The past 2-4 weeks have been damn bloody intense. I spent every lunch at my desk, left the office at 9 and had dinner at 10, then continued to clear emails til 1 in the morning, finally rounding off … Continue reading

How to eat like a normal man on weekdays and a beast on weekends

As a kid, they’ll take me to buffets and il eat til i literally puke (Ponderosa, i miss you). People who really know me know that i have a voracious appetite, even without the drugs. And so going on a diet of any sort will no doubt fail in my case because i aint gonna … Continue reading

Smart drugs- the lure of increased intelligence in a pill

I started the year on a high, literally. Dexamethasone, Theolin SR and Seretide had put me thru a whole sine curve of emotions and various states of mental acuity (or lack thereof). Having witnessed (nay, experienced) the very real mental effects of drugs, and with the upcoming movie Limitless (links below), i became very much … Continue reading

Life Lessons from Schwarzenegger (movies) No.1 : Keep It Simple (aka Epistemological reasoning and Occam’s Razor applied to Predator)

From Predator ” If it bleeds, we can kill it” Scenario: you’re a marine in the middle of the Guatemalan jungle and you’re hunted by a creature that skins its victims, sees in the dark, and recently killed a whole bunch of Green Berets straight out of Fort Bragg. And oh yeah, it’s also F**KING … Continue reading

Feb Workout Experiment (Part 2)- Cat vomit and 6 minute abs

Recently i purchased The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss that claims methods that will accomplish everything from 15 minute female orgasms to abs in 6 minutes (twice a week, 3 weeks). And since im trying out a new once-a-week workout routine inspired by Dr Doug McGuff’s Body By Science *, i thought why not … Continue reading